Frequently Asked Questions

VISA, Discover, American Express and MasterCard.
If traveling by air, a valid passport will be required for all passengers, 16 and up. If traveling by cruise, a birth certificate or passport is fine for passengers 15 and up.
A: You may be required to obtain a VISA if traveling from any other country besides Canada or the U.S.
A: Yes. The Bahamas also have their own currency, which is equal to the U.S. dollar.
No. There are taxis available 24/7. Many of the resorts offer complimentary shuttle drives as well.
A: Yes. Please contact our customer service for a customized package.
A: No. There are flexible payment options available.
There is no early check in available. You can ask the hotel to hold your luggage, until it’s time for you to check in.
A: Yes. You must have a credit card to reserve your room. You must make a full deposit for all packages.
ans:-A: Yes. Please contact customer service for details.
A: Cancellations must be made two weeks before your arrival to avoid the penalty fee. If you cancel 72 hours before your trip or less, you will be charged for a one-night hotel stay, and may incur other penalties.
A: Yes travel insurance is available at your request.

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